Red  stone  Holiday  home  &  spa  property  is  located  in  a  small  village  called  Poynad,  just  2  kms  away  from Alibaug  on  Mumbai-Alibaug  road.  The  resort  is  clean  and  quiet  place  away  from  day  to  day  struggles,  a place  to  find  some  personal  time  with  family. Red  stone  Holiday  home  &  spa  is  a  home  situated  among  the  lush  green  surroundings  hills.

It  has  six uniquely  designed  Air  conditioned  rooms,  6  deluxe  rooms.  Deluxe  rooms  are  designed  for  a  couple  but spacious  enough  to  accommodate  4  adults  easily.  The  place  has  open  garden  restaurant  and  Gazebo  of unique  design  made  form  Jambha  Chira  laterite  stone.  We also provides all types of massages for your relaxation.


At Red stone every room is television free.  Yes!  You  thought  it  right , we  intentionally  not  kept  TVs  in  any  of our  areas  just  to  make  your  holiday  a  soothing  experience.

It can provide accommodate 100 then more people. An enjoyable experience in business. Volume you make hay while you love the sun. We  wish  our  visitors  to  rest  and luxuriate in  the  characteristics  and  invest  quality  time  with  their  family members  or  buddies.  We  also  provide  delightful  Veg  & Non –Veg food  prepared  in  Maharashtrian,  Konkani  style.

Team Red stone Holiday home and spa

Red Stone Holiday Resort is a family initiative started in the year 2017 by Ranjit Mhatre and Sudnya Mhatre who is one of the co-founder members.

Please come and join us…It is the method through which we wish to distribute the wonder of Pure Maharashtrian food and lifestyle to globe. We wish people to come, relax and encounter the kindness, appreciate the delightful all type of delicacies foods, and make their vacation an unforgettable one.

Pamper yourself with a relaxed and untroubled bath in the stately showers fixed in the areas.

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